I got to see VR at Xbiz in May, and I am intrigued by the process and the viewer’s experience.  Today I got to be the girl in the goggles.  I worked with a great director Jimmy Lifestyles , who is famous for his productions and the best in VR, so I am lucky!  My male talent is the very funny, and friendly Brad Knight and his giant cock.  Today was really different, and a lot of hard work, but I’m excited to see how it turned out. Because it’s VR I get to do all the work and I got my leg workout today. I’m excited to see how this new format turns out. Another fun day for me, since Hubby got to watch and see how the production of VR is different than regular porn.  Since I have always shot for my hubby, he has been my main director.  After the last few weeks,  and seeing the last two scenes, he gave me the sweetest compliment.  He said that I have really improved and he was totally excited to see my growth as a performer!  I love him!