OCTOBER 29, 2017

Interview with Sofie Marie

Hello and welcome to Slutopedia. You lucky lot are in for a treat. We have managed to get Sofie Marie of Yummy Girl to Slutopedia towers for a chat. Love to gear your views on the interview and of course what you think of Sofie Marie. Anyway, without further ado

We interview Sofie Marie porn actress and model

Slutopedia: Welcome Sofie-Marie and thanks for the chat
Sofie-Marie: THANKS! I so appreciate you asking me to chat!

Slutopedia: For those that don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself please?Sofie-Marie: Sure, I am loving Hotwire, and I am an adult actress and model living in California. My passion, other than sex, is fitness. I have completed an Ironman triathlon, and many shorter ones and 10 marathons. When I before I took up running, I played volleyball in college and some pro beach.

Slutopedia: As you know, we are trying to take back ownership of the word slut, desensitise people to it and allow it as an acceptable badge for women that just love to explore their sexual desires. What does that mean to you?

Sofie-Marie: I used to think ‘slut’ was a negative word a few years ago, but now I have embraced my sex life with my husband, and we see sex as a fun extension of our love. We physical sex is not an immoral, as long as no one is getting hurt or hurting another…so don’t cheat, don’t lie, and have great sex! Now I see “slut” as a word of empowerment and it’s a compliment. A slut is a woman who loves sex. I own the word slut…it’s a compliment!
Slutopedia: So we couldn’t go any further without saying we love the photography on your social, has genuine standout. What made you go the extra mile with this and what feedback have you had?

Sofie-Marie: Well, the photography started as a fun hobby, and we posted on a few bikini sites. I had so many nice compliments, so I continued. I was very surprised actually, since I grew up as a jock, and I didn’t see myself as a model. From the great feedback of my fans, I kept modeling and getting more comfortable, so I tried smaller micro bikinis, then topless, then nude! I try to give my fans what they want to see.

Slutopedia: We see the cleaner images, which is right for us. Just how explicit do you get though?

Sofie-Marie: I only do what I am comfortable with now, but since I am an adult performer now, you could say I do just about everything. I do classic, erotic, and explicit nudes, boy/girl, girl/girl, and I just shot an orgy on film for Zero Tolerance!

Slutopedia: Obviously you are very active on social, particularly Twitter. When we speak to some other girls, they get a lot of hate. Have you experienced that? if so, whats the worst?

Sofie-Marie: Knock on wood, people have been kind and complimentary. For the random hater, they are immediately blocked. I have no patience for drama.

Slutopedia: So it says you are a wife and family woman. How does your hubby feel about your work and has it caused any issues in your family life?

Sofie-Marie: My husband is very supportive and does not have a jealous bone in his body. We are 100% honest with each other which has made our relationship rock solid.

Slutopedia: So what do you love most about what you do?

Sofie-Marie: I love how my work and my personal life can intermix. My husband is my videographer and photographer for my website, Yummysofie.com, so he with me for most of my XXX shoots, and he performs some as well.

Slutopedia: What has been the proudest moment in your adult career?

Sofie-Marie: I was super excited to have my first major studio release from Naughty America come out and also getting over my butterflies for the orgy scene was BIG for me!

Slutopedia: Who has been your biggest influencer, firstly on your life and secondly in your adult career?

Sofie-Marie: My husband is my biggest fan, my best friend, and my philosopher life coach. Meeting him and falling in love has certainly manifested the most beneficial changes in my life. He has encouraged me all the way.

Slutopeda: Any tips for girls trying to break in to the business?

Sofie-Marie: First, only do what you can own and are comfortable doing. EVERYONE you know will find out. If that is going to be an issue you will need to sort that out right away. Find a great photographer and build a portfolio of stills and videos, and then start a website, and hit social media and promote. If start your site first, your new adult fans will be able to find you. My husband and I run websites for girls to help them execute this plan! Finding a good agent is important, but once you know your direction, you will have a better idea of who will work with you the best.

Slutopedia: Any final words you would like to leave the Slutopedia readers and followers with?

Sofie-Marie: Be true to yourself, and choose to be defined by the positive people and experiences in your life.

Slutopedia: Sofie-Marie, its been great, thanks for the interview

Sofie-Marie: Thank you! Xoxo

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Interview with Sofie Marie


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