A collection of 4 Episodes from the Yummy Step Mom Series Starring Sofie Marie by Yummygirl Studios

Yummy Step Mom Ep 1 Swordfight

Sofie Marie is every boy’s favorite step mom!  She like to play dress up and tucks you in at night.  Johnny still wants to play at bedtime, so Sofie plays “sword fight” on last time before bed.  Then she puts Johnny’s sword in her mouth and blows him so he can get to sleep before his father gets home. POV

Yummy Step Mom Ep 2  Tickle Me

Sofie is Johnny’s fun step mom.  Her daughter, Cindy, Johnny’s step sister is off to college with Johnny’s dad, so his step mom is tucking him in.  She misses her daughter so she puts on her “Tickle Me” panties.  She and Johnny have a tickle match and she pulls out his penis and sucks him dry with a messy cum load on her face. POV

Yummy Step Mom Ep 3 Caught Jerking Off

Sofie walks in on her stepson David jerking off to a Playboy.  David is very embarrassed, but Sofie is kind, to him.  She toys to make him feel better by taking about the girls in Playboy and asking him if she could have been a Playmate.  She strips for him to show him her shaved pussy.  She then offers to help him finish his masturbation by blowing him.  David blows his big load all over his step mom’s face.  She loves it! POV

Yummy Step Mom Ep 4 Nocturnal Release

After a night out partying without her husband, Sofie Marie is checking on Brian, her stepson.  She notices he has a boner in his pj’s and this turns her on! She can’t not touch herself looking at her step son’s big dick, and she gets off fingering herself by the bed. She feels Brian needs help with his nocturnal release, so she gets on the bed and sucks her son’s cock dry.  Sofie is unaware that her husband has installed a Nanny cam, so that is one view of the action.  Brian does wake up, but doesn’t tell Sofie.  This POV view is part 2 of the video! 2 views of the action.



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